Jessica Jani’s Success Story

Jessica Jani’s Success Story

Having fostered numerous golden retrievers over the years, when Charlette and John made the joint decision to adopt Jessica, they knew they had hit the JACKPOT.

With the shy golden’s name changed to Gracie, she swiftly overcame her initial apprehension and adjusted both to living in her adoptive home and to being its cherished center. Now the focal point of her loving family’s attention, particularly during the pandemic, her gracious demeanor and general presence has greatly brightened their days.

A committed couch potato, she enjoys sharing it with her parents when it’s time to watch TV and isn’t shy about turning over onto her back with her belly – invitingly – up. Extremely patient with their grandchildren, so obedient and well behaved that she never barks, she has a few stuffed animals that she “nibbles” on, astonishing her parents by gently gnawing at them without causing them any harm. And although they’ve been trying to teach her how to catch a tennis ball, she doesn’t seem very interested.

The family has a lake home in Georgia that they frequently visit, and Gracie is not only an excellent traveler, she truly enjoys going “bye-bye car,” and LOVES accompanying them as a passenger on their pontoon boat. Despite a mild heart condition that only requires an annual echocardiogram, she’s doing wonderfully, running here, there, and everywhere without any limits imposed on her activities. Like many goldens, she’s been known to chase her tail – a feat that brings joy to her and to her family – and, unlike her earlier fearful days, she’s now thrilled to hear the doorbell ring so that she can greet whomever is there, including deliveries.

Still patiently at work on making her feel comfortable in the pool, Charlette and John are confident they’ll succeed in time due to Gracie’s high intelligence, willingness to learn and eagerness to please. And they can’t emphasize enough how blessed they feel to have this glorious golden as the center of their lives.




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