Sam Oren’s Success Story

Sam Oren’s Success Story

Sam’s dad was extremely happy and hopeful on the day that he brought him home. And with good reason! Why? Sam immediately injected a bit of joyous chaos and excitement into his dad’s life and into the life of Millie, his other dog and Sam’s new doggy sister. Woof about one wonderful family addition!

Especially endearing, sweet and sociable Sam is endlessly entertaining, perpetually playful and amazingly affectionate. Definitely devoted to and happiest when he’s close to his doting dad, more often than not splayed out across his lap — no small feat for a 65-pound dog — Sam clearly considers himself a lap dog. But as much as he loves being close to his dad, he also loves going on walks.

Preferring to have his dad be his own, personal “plaything” instead of having actual “play things,” Sam also enjoys strolling through the park and taking the occasional walk in some of the local nature parks. He’s also dedicated himself to being his sister Millie’s most ardent admirer and caring companion.

Already famous for his silly antics, Sam sometimes outdoes himself. With great frequency, he climbs onto his dad’s bed at night, rolls over onto his back to sleep, and slides off the edge of the bed, leaving him surprised, shocked and entirely unsure as to how he ended up on the floor.

Having arrived, however, with anxiety problems, particularly separation anxiety, Sam, with the help of their vet and a trainer, has made excellent progress and is greatly improved. Although managing his anxiety remains an ongoing process, he’s more relaxed, more settled and, if at all possible, more happy than ever.


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