Sunny Maxx’s Success Story

Sunny Maxx’s Success Story

Sunny Maxx, the 9-year-old Golden Retriever, puts an entirely new face on the famous expression “being put out to pasture.”

When cream-coated Sunny, who more than lives up to his name, was adopted by Jeannie and Leo two years ago, he made himself happily at home on their 10-acre horse farm.

“While his life is quiet much of the time,” Jeannie explains, “there are also some very exciting and interesting things for him to do. He loves roaming the property where he’s always discovering new and wonderful sights and smells, finding new birds and squirrels to chase, and new places to explore.

“He’s also learned that horses are extremely nice! I take him to the horse pasture in the mornings and evenings where I feed and care for my two horses, Junior and Topper. He’ll eagerly wander the pasture and then lie down to rest until I’m through.

“What he especially enjoys, however, are visits from our grandchildren.”

And yet, for Sunny, there’s no cozier, more comfortable place to be than indoors, where he balances his time between playing with his loving family and napping to his heart’s content.



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