Buttercup Aprel’s Success Story

Buttercup Aprel’s Success Story

My name is Buttercup and I couldn’t be happier! I am so in love with my family and just being around them makes my world.  I always want to be cuddled of course, whether it’s in their chair with them or in their bed or with whatever they’re doing – I’m there!  Just like a big bouquet of bright golden buttercups, I bring love to my family and they love me right back!

When they first adopted me, my family took several days off from work to stay home with me so that I would feel comfortable and loved. Can you imagine that? They had no idea how much that meant to me, as I had come from a shelter and was not really sure about what was going to happen to me. Now I feel like I’ve lived here my whole life and I couldn’t be happier.

We try to do everything together. We have gone on trips and I have been a perfect lady with such good manners. Even when my mom is cleaning, I must be right in the middle of that activity to help. I have two favorite sports and I am good at both.  First of all, I just love to pull out all the stuffing out of my toys and then run around with their furry empty bodies.  Secretly I know that I will get to help mom clean it all up eventually, since I am smart enough to know not to eat stuffing.  Perhaps my most favorite past time is to play ball! My favorite trick is to put the ball on the chair that I know they’re going to sit in. You see I know they have to pull it out so that they’re comfy in their chair.  Then they can throw the ball to me – game on!  Little do they know that my plan always works!  In fact we had a visitor recently and I put the ball in his chair before he sat down.  He didn’t quite get it, so I danced around his feet until finally mom told him that my ball was underneath him.  Then once again – game on!

I want my family to know that I am so grateful that they adopted me and I am so happy with GRRMF for making the most perfect match, that I could ever have hoped for in my dreams.


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