Bojangles Albert’s Success Story

Bojangles Albert’s Success Story

Lovingly called Bo by his besotted adoptive family, this gregarious Golden bounded into their lives and laid claim to their hearts from the very beginning.

Also called “Boba Fett” (just to be silly), his adoring mom Becky admits that adoption day was beyond amazing! During the two-hour drive back to their place, Bo slept so sweetly and so soundly, it was as if he knew he was already “home.”

Fitting into their family with ease, he’s not only been comfortable, he’s been “chill” with the children. And, as a committed couch potato and dedicated “velcro” dog, he remains especially loving and protective of everyone. Case in point: if his parents have been gone for several hours, he’s certain to let them know by standing up on his hind legs like a person and literally hugging them as soon as they walk in.

Merrily mischievous despite his surprisingly calm demeanor, he thoroughly enjoys counter surfing and garbage can diving — made all the easier for him given his long, limber legs. Still very much a puppy with a passion for tennis balls, Bo thrives on long walks before sleeping on the couch for the rest of the day (his human brother says he has the cutest yawn). A neighborhood favorite, every person he passes thinks he’s extremely handsome with his long curly tail, and they admire the way he prances like a little pony when he’s happy.

At home, he amuses himself by chasing the shadows of butterflies and birds and attempting to catch squirrels. Once, he even caught a fly in the house by pouncing on it like a cat. Agile Bo simply stomped on it with his paw, raised his paw, gazed down at the fly, and then looked up at Becky as if to say, “Mom, I got it!”


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