Gracie Mercy’s Success Story

Gracie Mercy’s Success Story

Gracie entered her adoring mom’s life and took over her heart at just the right time. 

Her mom’s beloved goldendoodle, adopted from GRRMF, passed very suddenly, leaving her devastated. And so, when Gracie became available, she couldn’t wait to pick her up and bring her home. Her house, once so empty, filled swiftly and sweetly with Gracie in it.

Having retired that same year, she and Gracie bonded immediately, and they’ve been figuratively joined at the hip ever since. Not only is Gracie a dedicated Velcro dog, following her mom wherever she goes, she’s famous for being fashion forward in the choice of headgear she sports with such enviable grace and flair! 

Despite a plethora of squishy toys, she only plays with them if her mom plays with them too. Her favorite pastime, however, is eating, and she could easily eat all day. Playing “sous chef” to her mom when she’s cooking, she stays in the kitchen in the hopes of sampling a spare bite or two. But should a random bit of food fall on the floor, she’s so well behaved that instead of promptly picking it up, she waits politely for her mom to pick it up and hand it to her. 

Her mom firmly believes that Gracie can tell time. Why? Because 10 minutes prior to eating she begins to cry, whine and even howl slightly until her mom pays attention and feeds her. The longer she waits, the louder and more dramatic Gracie’s howling becomes.

Sleeping may be her second favorite pastime, but she also loves going for walks and taking rides in the car, although activity beyond that is minimal, given her age – between 9 and 9 1/2. Fortunately, she’s still very healthy and very loving, and remains the cosiest and cuddliest of forever companions.


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