Gracie’s Success Story

Gracie’s Success Story

When Gracie was adopted by Christine after her previous owner became ill, Christine was so happy to welcome her into her new home. Gracie has a couple of nicknames: “Gracious Gracie” and “Curly Furry Gracie.” These nicknames might hint at Gracie’s wonderful personality; Christine says that Gracie is “all love and worships you with her eyes.” Gracie also tries to understand what people say to her by tilting her head. Gracie’s number one fun activity is to ride in the car, and, in fact, she loves car rides so much that she does not want to get out, either at the destination or when she arrives back at home.

Gracie gets along well with her two new dog siblings. According to Christine, they “chase each other around the backyard, tumbling about in ‘playfights.’ I call them ‘The Three Stooges’ when they do this.” Playing with her sisters and absolutely anything to do with food are Gracie’s other fun activities. She has become quite comfortable going to work with Christine where people feed her from their desks. When Gracie wants to give someone a “high five,” Christine describes Gracie’s unique style: “She does it using both front paws, one at a time.”

Gracie is afraid of the outdoors, so Christine is working on desensitizing her slowly: “I feel sad that Gracie remains so afraid of leaving the house (except in a car) and of any new situation.” Gracie has learned to go on walks, but is not fully enjoying them yet. She is content in her own backyard as long as someone is with her. Christine thinks something might have traumatized Gracie in the past, but is happy to observe that “she loves people and shows no sign of physical abuse.” Gracie is most happy when she can stay indoors and even loves her bed so much that she does not get up with her sisters in the morning; instead, she waits for them to come back inside for breakfast—then, “Guess who suddenly appears?” When Gracie meets someone who makes her feel safe, she “spins around in circles.” With such a happy demeanor, it will surely be no time before Gracie conquers her fears. In the meantime, she will take comfort in all of those car rides.  


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