Lexi Opel’s Success Story

Lexi Opel’s Success Story

Let’s talk about Lexi!

Not only were her adoptive parents excited when they welcomed her into their lives, they hoped that she would love her new home.

They needn’t have worried. Lexi invented the word LOVE. Gently demanding of and thriving on her parents’ constant attention, she’s most content in their company, and despite her size, sees herself as a lap dog. In fact, she’ll lithely climb onto her mom’s lap and stay there until she moves and then hog the bed by sleeping pressed snugly against her.

A cheerful conversationalist, she “talks” non-stop to her parents when they come home — even if they’ve only been gone for 10 minutes – and jumps up excitedly for the hugs she adores. She also loves following them around, lying on the lanai or on the back walkway while they work in the yard, chasing her tennis balls and chewing on the special bones they give her.

Riding comfortably in the car, Lexi has accompanied her parents to St. Pete to visit their son, where she especially enjoys playing with her sister and cousin.

Notorious for being an escape artist, able to slip backwards out of her harness, Lexi must be watched closely whenever her parents walk her. But she merrily makes up for the concern she causes by making them laugh. How? Sometimes she’ll get so excited as she runs across the patio that she’ll lose her footing, goes sliding across it and rebounds by promptly lying on her laughing mom’s lap.


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