Charlie Fess’s Success Story

Charlie Fess’s Success Story

Charlie, so cheerful and charming, keeps his adoptive family laughing and Rugby, his older dog brother young at heart.

Clearly the cutest of clowns, he bounces through life carefree and happy, ears perked and expressive eyebrows in motion, earning him the nickname Dug from the Disney film “Up.” Famous for licking his lips at least 10 times while making an extremely loud, and clearly most appreciative smacking sound, whether it’s after a treat, dinner or his favorite, a little piece of banana, his adoring family consider it hilarious, eliciting chortles from everyone.

As sociable as he is silly, Charlie simply thrives on snuggles – especially during movie nights and TV nights. The family unfailingly follows the same routine: after dinner, the kitchen is cleaned, the popcorn is popped, and as soon as they’re settled onto the sofa, Charlie settles himself next to one of his favorite people. And his interpretation of settling is sprawling halfway across that person’s lap with his head up against their chest. 

Never short of adorable antics, he lives for the Bark Box deliveries, hopping like a bunny next to mom and dad as they carry his precious package through the house from the front door to the family room. Then, as soon as the tape to the box is cut, he pulls out each toy and lets Rugby take the one he wants. 

Happiest as part of his family’s “pack,” he loves participating in their outdoor activities. If it’s dog park day, Charlie circles around them as they get themselves and the car ready for the trip across town to Brewhounds. They especially enjoy taking him there because he’s so gregarious, going from person to person and getting plenty of pets while they joke that he’s not there for the dogs, he’s there for the people!


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