Minnie Farrah’s Success Story

Minnie Farrah’s Success Story

Minnie found her happily ever after in her forever home!

She spends her days joining her family as they work and play. Her very favorite days are when her Dad works from home and she can nap in his office while he works and takes breaks on the couch with him. Minnie makes them laugh with her careful negotiations- if she thinks her beloved car ride is too short, she will stay in the car to persuade her family to keep going!

She is also a huge fan of belly rubs and will sometimes negotiate listening for a belly run. She recently got a younger puppy sibling and loves playing with her and teaching her. She makes her family laugh by dancing around the living room like a billy goat, barking with a smile to let them know she has to go outside after dinner.

Her family is so impressed with how Minnie has learned English commands after coming from a Spanish speaking family. We are so happy for Minnie and wish her many happy, healthy years of belly rubs!


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