June Jessy’s Success Story

June Jessy’s Success Story

It’s amazing what some tender loving care can do for both dogs and people!  When Chessie first arrived at her new forever family’s home, both parties were excited and anxious at the same time.  Within a short amount of time though, all worries were gone as Chessie and her new family learned to trust and love each other.

Chessie likes to think she’s a big attack dog when someone comes to the door.  She barks loudly, but it’s really just a ruse.  As soon as the visitor comes in, Chessie’s tail is wagging wildly and she’s nosing them to pet her!  She’s very attached to the family’s children and knows their routine better than they do.  She waits by the garage door when it’s time to take the kids to and from school.

One thing she likes even more than car rides are boat rides.  Chessie’s a natural sailor.  She loves the feel of the wind on her face and the excitement of riding the waves.  When the family is on the beach, Chessie’s right there with them, hanging out on a sandbar. The family even designed their new living room around her, buying cozy chairs that are big enough to hold both Chessie and a person.  Now that’s family love!  Her new mom says, “She is an amazing dog, and we all love her to the moon and back!”


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