Hank Fess’s Success Story

Hank Fess’s Success Story

A magnificent gentle giant with soulful eyes, Hank handily conquered an extreme case of heartworms and is living the happiest of lives with his equally happy family.

Joining Charlie, his golden brother, just as their parents officially became empty nesters, the two bonded instantaneously and, being one another’s best friend, remain inseparable. They especially enjoy wrestling matches and playing tug-o-war, but whenever Charlie swims in the family pool, Hank, who doesn’t care for swimming, cheers him on from the sidelines. 

Known for being genuine and sincere, easygoing, and unfailingly polite, Hank is also the consummate snuggler. He LOVES snuggling on the couch and being loved on. In fact, if his parents stop rubbing his belly, scratching his back or rubbing his ears, he’ll promptly alert them by emitting his now-famous Chewbacca sounds. He’ll also make those same gargling sounds accompanied by an excited dance when he hears “get in the jeep!” or “get your leash!” because that means they’re going for a drive or a walk. 

Whether it’s visiting the dog park, driving through the Dairy Queen or, more recently, driving to Jax Beach on Perdido Key, Hank is most content simply being where his family is. And although he’s more laid back than his brother Charlie, he’s not only discovered that the occasional zoomies are ever so much fun but that chasing squirrels is equally exhilarating.

But he was at his most mischievous when, sweet and innocent appearances aside, he stole a corn bread from on top of the microwave in the middle of the night and devoured the entire bread! His bemused parents clearly knew who the culprit was because of the telltale crumbs all around Hank’s mouth.


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