Legacy Dog – Beck’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Beck’s Success Story

When Stephen and his wife adopted Beck in 2008, he was barely past puppy hood at the age of one. “I’ve always loved Golden Retrievers,” Stephen says, “but we hit the jackpot when we adopted Beck.


“Not only is he loved by us but by everyone who meets him. Although we moved from Florida to Georgia in 2014, Beck still receives Christmas presents from some of our former neighbors – proof of the lasting impression he’s made on the people he’s greeted so gaily through the years.

“He wants to be friends with everyone. When the doorbell rings, he doesn’t bark. He goes off to get a toy and then returns to greet the visitor.


“A senior in years now at 13, with various health issues, he’s still a puppy in spirit. While his step may have slowed, it doesn’t stop him from taking his THREE walks a day — one of them well over a mile.


“My wife and I are so blessed that Beck came into our lives, and we want to thank GRRMF for everything you do. Goldens are truly special, and you’ve always treated them that way.”


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