Milo Fletcher’s Success Story

Milo Fletcher’s Success Story

So taken was she by Milo’s winsome charms that she turned her foster dog into her fur-ever dog.

Sweet, loving and eager to please, Milo adores attention, and often demands it by pawing at his mom or lying on top of her. One of his many loves is car rides, especially when his mom drops her son off and picks him up from school. He also loves balls. Any type of ball will work, but tennis balls are his favorite, while his favorite place to be is the local dog park: a vast fenced-in area with a huge pond, sand, toys, tennis balls and Frisbees. Not only does he love swimming, he loves meeting up with his regular doggy friends, playing and running around with them.

Although they may not travel, they often visit his mom’s sister’s house where he enjoys frisking and frolicking about to his heart’s content with her two Labradors. An all-around a silly boy, according to his adoring mom, is Milo’s habit of trotting here, there and everywhere with his large, long tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth.

But … one of the silliest things he does occurs at the dog park. He picks out one tennis ball and won’t play with or fetch any other ball. If another dog takes that particular ball, Milo will follow that dog around until he’s able to get it back. Then he’ll take it into the pond and chew on it. Once he’s chewed on it, he drops it into the water, picks it up and continues to chew on it until he sinks it. Then he puts his head underwater to retrieve it. If he does, he keeps chewing it and dropping it. Sometimes he gets it, sometimes he doesn’t, and his face is hilarious when he doesn’t! She then has to find him another perfect ball and the game starts all over again.

Milo and his mom attended a six-week training class and he received four awards. His mom proudly boasts that her “big baby boy” has the quickest and longest “sit” and the fastest, most chill “down.”


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