Beau Aiden’s Success Story

Beau Aiden’s Success Story

It was love at first sight for Beau and his adoring adopters!

Affectionately called Beau Bear, so suitable for the sweetest, most sociable of goldens, he shares a special bond with everyone in the family. His besotted parents not only have fun with him, they enjoy sleeping in bed with him, while “emotional” Beau enjoys getting his morning treats, and most especially, his morning and night time cuddles.

Known for whining when he wants to go outside and chase squirrels, he has numerous facial expressions, but his three most frequent ones are “cuddle me,” “where’s my special treat?” and “I need my toys.” Needless to say, his family has a closet filled with his toys.

Beau’s twin passions are the water and tennis balls. He LOVES swimming in the pool with his tennis balls and he loves joining his family on the boat every weekend to swim. Highly and happily energetic, he stays hyper-focused on his ball in the water, and whenever his mom or dad throws it, he swims after it, then dives to retrieve it.

When the family goes on trips, he stays with his mom’s parents who have several acres with chickens and, best of all, two dogs, Duke and Benji. Beau loves playing with them and with all of their toys, going on long walks and running all over the property chasing the chickens and roosters.

Despite puppy training classes, he doesn’t walk well on a leash, pulling quite often, which keeps Beau and his parents from going into stores and restaurants. But the visits to his mom’s parents, the boating adventures and plenty of playtime with other dogs at their various friends’ homes more than make up for it.

As for some of Beau’s quirkier behaviors: he has run into the glass patio door a few times, and is terrified of oddly shaped objects such as the vacuum and roller skates — and anything that, to him, appear strange. In fact, he’ll attempt to run from them so quickly that he loses his balance because his legs are moving too fast!


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