Princess Frankie’s Success Story

Princess Frankie’s Success Story

Arriving in GRRMF hands after her original owner felt she needed a bigger home to call her own, Piper has landed in her forever home.  Piper, formerly called Princess, completed the GRRMF’s Rescue Trifecta, joining alum Tucker and Chloe!  How cool of a story is that?  These three amigos love each other and were instantly bonded when Piper joined the family.  Mom and Dad weren’t sure about the adjustment of adding another dog to the family dynamics, but state “it has been a wonderful one.”

With these furry family members, no one is every alone in the house, someone is always with you.  This sweet girl is always smiling, a smile that melts your heart.  Piper is a very affectionate dog and enjoys showing people just how much she loves them.  What is better than a true golden hug?  Paws wrapped around you and looking at you with her warm smile – Golden Love at its finest.  Piper is always up for any adventure that is brought her way.  She enjoys venturing to the beach with her family and spending quality time outdoors.  Piper also loves sitting in the backyard “taking in” nature.  She enjoys watching the ducks stroll through, never barking at them or chasing them, respecting their passing by.  No matter what adventure may be in the family’s schedule, Piper is sure to be a part of it as she is a social butterfly and enjoys meeting new people and dogs wherever they go.

Piper gets the “sillies” when she knows that her daily walk is happening.  She gets a severe case of the “zoomies” and can’t stop running around until they officially walk out the door.  When on leash, her leash manners have been improving each day as they practice on their daily walks.  The longer the walk the more enjoyable for this outdoorsy girl!  Piper has truly struck GOLD when she joined this family – not only does she have a wonderful mom and dad but also 2 golden rescue siblings that are her best friends!



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