Aang Miller’s Success Story

Aang Miller’s Success Story

Happy ending stories like Aang’s are why we at GRRMF do what we do!  Aang came to us as an extremely energetic puppy in need of a loving home with a family who could give him the attention he deserves.  Well, Aang found that home and so much more.

Renamed Rex, his new family could not be happier especially his canine sister Lexi.  The two quickly became best friends.  Even though Rex is a bit younger than Lexi, he’s been teaching her a thing or two, including some doggie manners.  His new mom says, “Since Rex came into our lives Lexi’s finally has a playmate to burn off some energy with and her chewing in the house and digging up the yard have been reduced drastically.”  Rex has also taught Lexi how to hold a bone between her front paws so she can chew on it!  The cutest though, is when Rex wants a toy that Lexi is playing with.  Instead of stealing it from her, he out thinks her.  The clever boy simply finds another toy, casually shows it to Lexi then noticeably drops it on the other side of the room.  When Lexi abandons the original toy to investigate the new one, he simply trots over and snags it for himself!  What a smart boy!

Like most goldens, Rex is a love bug, only he takes snuggle time to the extreme.  To make it easier for mom and dad to give him the cheek rubs he craves, he literally just lays down on top of them – yes all 70 pounds of pooch sprawled all over them!  His parents don’t mind though.  They say, “It’s hard to believe a big dog would act this way but it is true.”

After a fun filled day of play with Lexi, Rex wants his own quite time.  He takes his favorite Milk Bone, opens his kennel door and curls up inside.  Who could want a better dog?  Did we mention his achievements?  Rex has earned his Adult I and II obedience certifications from Petco and passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Rex’s new family opened their hearts and home to him.  Together they will make cherished memories to last a lifetime!

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