Yukon Jeri’s Success Story

Yukon Jeri’s Success Story

Fondly called Yukes by his loving family, Yukon not only brightened his new home with his presence he lightened its floors with his long, white fur.  “Despite having to vacuum more often,” laughs Melissa, “Yukon has been such a great addition to our family that our elderly chocolate Lab, Coco, wasn’t even bothered by having a new pet here, making it the smoothest of transitions.”  A dedicated love bug, adorably affectionate, Yukon is fond of putting his head in his parents’ laps and leaning in for head rubs, almost hugging them at the same time while “talking” up a storm. Alert and protective, he’s always excited to see them when they get up in the morning and whenever they return home after being gone awhile. And if he’s overly excited, he starts running, resulting in his sliding on their wood floors and into the wall!

As active as he is affectionate, Yukon LOVES going for walks. When he sees his new mom putting on her shoes, his head perks up immediately. Whenever he sees one of parents with the leash, he races to the door, wagging his very fluffy tail.

“During our walks, though, he tends to bark quite a bit — at other dogs and at especially loud sounds like trucks, school buses and motorcycles – and we’ve been working on that. Other than walking, he occasionally enjoys playing with a tennis ball,” she continues.


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