Legacy Dog – Cody’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Cody’s Success Story

Cody was adopted by Kristin in March of 1996, at 14 months old, with a number in the 220s!  Kristin had lost her previous golden the year before and was looking for someone to keep her company.  Thinking that no one could replace her beloved golden, Kristin wasn’t ready when Cody came and jumped into her lap!  “He gave me that look that said, Here I am, let’s go home”, said Kristin, “so, we did”!

Cody was a red haired, high energy pup that got a sibling 8 months after being adopted and the two made fast friends, with never an issue.  Kristin and her pack never missed a reunion until they moved to the Carolinas.  His energy lasted his lifetime and he earned many titles; CGC, RN, RA and his Rally Excellence title at the age of 13!

Cody had the personality of a true golden and he also had a special affinity for pups.  “Any time he met one, and he met lots, he would let them climb all over him, chew on him and even fall asleep on him,” said Kristin.

Cody passed on Thanksgiving, 2009, only 2 months shy of his 15th birthday.  Says Kristin, “ I still miss my redhead


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