Jace Neal’s Success Story

Jace Neal’s Success Story

Everything Jace’s copper paws touch turns to joy!

As soon as he entered what was meant to be his foster home, it was, instead, instant love. After being officially adopted, his relationship with his parents quickly evolved, making him a vital part of their lives. Thankfully, his mom works from home, allowing them to take walks throughout the day. The rest of the time Jace either curls up behind her desk or chills on the cool bathroom floor in the dark — his preferred “go to” place.

But what Jace loves most now is snuggling. And everything he does endears him more and more to his parents, such as the way his nose nuzzles their hands for validation. He also loves lying on them and resting his head on their chests (his mom’s all time favorite). His favorite toy may be his lamb, but given his social personality, his favorite pastime is saying “hi” to every person and dog he encounters, treating them patiently and kindly.

He also loves going to a local brewery and to his parents’ friend’s house whenever they go away. Like his mom, their friend works from home and she boards from three to five dogs daily. Oh, how Jace loves socializing with his many buddies there!

While his long walks are reserved for the evenings, he especially enjoys his “sniff” walks, accompanying his mom on brief “sniff” journeys every afternoon where he eagerly sniffs and hunts lizards and intently watches the squirrels. But because he pulled on his leash and jumped up on people, he was trained to reduce those behaviors. And due to the separation anxiety that had him chewing his fur, his coat was cut shorter. Now, instead of being crated when his parents go out, he has a larger area blocked off for him where he can roam to the soothing strains of dog-relaxing music.

According to his mom, Jace, is quite simply, the best. And it’s no wonder. The only time he barks is to greet someone, while he reserves his silliest moments for chasing his tail and doing so many zoomies that she doesn’t understand how he accomplishes this without hitting his head – but he does!


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