Nugget Angel’s Success Story

Nugget Angel’s Success Story

It takes a special person to be a GRRMF foster parent, and lucky Lucy (formerly Nugget) landed in the home of one of the best.  Jennifer was the volunteer foster who welcomed this sweet pup into her home and said, “the first day I had her, I had a feeling she was staying.”  Luckily Jennifer had an approved application in with GRRMF and it was a match that was meant to be!

Lucy’s favorite place is in Jennifer’s lap, being loved on.  Lucy loves to be loved!  She’s definitely a people dog, and every once in a while, she’ll turn to whomever she’s sitting next to, give them her “puppy eyes” look, and it’s impossible to resist!  Lucy loves to go to the dog park – to meet new people!  She’s a little socially awkward with other dogs, but is learning how to play with them.

Jennifer and Lucy have become best friends and enjoy playing hide and seek.  The funniest thing is when Lucy gets the zoomies. She’ll spaz out and start running around the house, and Jennifer will hide somewhere to see if she’ll find her.  When she does, Lucy will take off running again and Jennifer goes to hide somewhere else.

Lucy loves going on walks and has to stop and sniff everything.  Even short walks take forever!  Over the summer, Jennifer and Lucy took a trip to visit two friends.  Between the two of them, they had six children under 10, and Lucy was very patient with all of them.  During their stay, they took a boat to a small island and Lucy had a blast swimming and playing with the kids.  More fun was discovered when Lucy tried a lure course and loved it!  Sounds like Jennifer and Lucy have a long life of love and discovery ahead of them.



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