Legacy Dog – Trudi Grace’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Trudi Grace’s Success Story

From 2006

Does this sound familiar? It was a dark and stormy night …

It was just such a night in January of 2006 when 7-year-old Trudi was found on a dirt road, filthy, smelly and weighing 100 pounds, and taken in by Donna to foster.

“When John and I met Trudi, she was large and lovely, with auburn fur and hazel eyes, ever so sweet and oh so gentle,” Lynda says. “With her past a virtual mystery, Donna told us in the kindest way that she needed to lose some weight before she could be adopted. Luckily I had been a Weight Watchers Leader since 1993 and I believe we were considered the ideal candidates to assist Trudi in reaching her ultimate goal. And so, the rest, as they say, is history.

“Trudi Grace – we added the Grace to her name — was happy and vivacious, energetic and adventurous, always eager to be on the go and do whatever she or we wanted to do. As affectionate as she was active, she LOVED having her belly rubbed, while being such a big beauty allowed her to snuggle anywhere she wanted to snuggle.  “One of her favorite pastimes was bringing pinecones from outdoors into the house and shredding them. Remarkably, she never once cut her mouth as she adeptly tore each cone apart, scale by scale, leaving the floors and carpets covered in scales for us to step on barefooted! This pleased her enormously.”

And then, the unthinkable happened.

“On a winter evening in 2008, we took Trudi Grace and our 10-year-old cocker spaniel, Bailey, for a walk in our quiet neighborhood. Suddenly, an unfamiliar dog appeared, seemingly out of nowhere and attacked Trudi Grace before his shocked owner could stop him. She suffered a deep bite wound that required immediate surgery followed by a slow but ultimately successful healing process.

“Unfortunately however, the incident eroded her self-confidence, leaving her wary of being out in public again. But we worked slowly and patiently with her, and over time, she rebounded, and we were eventually able to resume our walks.

“Trudi Grace developed cancer in 2010 and passed far too soon, leaving us brokenhearted. By giving her the name Grace, I always believed it was Grace that saved her life that January night in 2006. She was our treasure, and we still speak of her and remember her so lovingly. She truly was a Grace from Heaven to us.”


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