Sonny Duke’s Success Story

Sonny Duke’s Success Story

His family’s sunshine, 7-year-old Sunny makes every day brighter and more beautiful. In fact, the day they adopted him, they felt as if they were dreaming, so dazzled were they by his beauty and by how swiftly he settled into their home.

A true people pet, thriving on companionship and affection, sweet Sunny LOVES being part of everything his family does. When they hug, he gently but firmly inserts himself between them on the couch to ensure that it’s a family group hug. Whenever he wants attention, he backs up to them and growls until they massage his rear end. At the same time every night, he sits down in front of his mom to remind her that it’s bedtime, refusing to budge so much as an inch until she gets off the sofa and goes to bed, where he promptly joins her. Then, in the morning, if she doesn’t respond to his first “wake up call”, he shakes his head and flaps his ears until she does!

As silly as he is sociable, Sunny delights in going belly up with a toy in his mouth, juggling it so dextrously with his paws that he never drops it. And although his toys seldom last more than two days, one exception has been Manny, a stuffed manatee that he takes outside with him when he goes potty, while his latest obsession is a squirrel log toy.

The family’s self-appointed Road Trash Warrior (he dislikes bags and bottles, beer and soft drink cans), he retrieves one item every night during their walks and carries it home for his mom to throw away in their own trash bin. But his favorite activity of all is spending the day at Red Fern, a local daycare/boarding facility, swimming in their doggy pool and playing with the other dogs.


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