Kaley’s Success Story

Kaley’s Success Story

Once upon a time, a beautiful golden retriever with separation anxiety and some hip problems was given up for adoption. Feeling unloved and alone she found her way to GRRMF where kind volunteers took her in and worked to find her the perfect family… and they all lived happily ever after!

Rigbee’s story is pretty much a real life fairy tale. Originally named Kaley, her owners no longer could take care of her and she came to GRRMF in bad shape.

Her new family saw past her issues and knew at once she was meant to be a part of their family. “We couldn’t wait to drive her home so she could meet our other pup, her new brother, Rudder,” says her new mom. She bonded quickly with Rudder and the pet cat Delta, and soon the entire family had an easy routine.

Rigbee’s mom says she is extremely loyal and keenly aware of each of them and seems to know when someone needs to be comforted, loved or protected. She claims Rigbee has conversations with them too. She’ll sit on the couch, look them directly in the eye and react to everything they are saying.

More than that though, Rigbee likes to have fun. She’s gone on family vacations to the mountains where she goes to romp in the snow and to the beach. She loves playing in water, boating, chewing on any squeaky toy, snuggling with mom and dad, and laying on her back with her feet in the air waiting for belly rubs. Her most favorite thing to do, however, is hop into the family Jeep and go cruising!

For all that Rigbee’s new family has done for her, it’s nothing compared to what she’s given them in love, joy, and tenderness. The happily ever after in this story isn’t only for Rigbee. Her new family now feels complete.


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