Legacy Dog – Bailey’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Bailey’s Success Story

From 2005

Famously fond of Kongs, beautiful, bouncy Bailey (formerly Princess) couldn’t go a single day without them!

Famous as well for winning hearts, once the 5-year-old Golden met Sarina and Greg in July 2005 and took a walk with them, they promptly adopted her.

“She was our first dog as a married couple and she was a gem,” Sarina says. “Bailey would play fetch with a Kong as long as someone would throw it. We had to watch her to know when to stop because she wouldn’t stop on her own.

“Whenever we had to go out for a while, her treat, naturally, was a Kong filled with frozen peanut butter which she LOVED! Once we gave it to her, she completely ignored us. That peanut butter filled Kong got her full and undivided attention.

“Following a knee surgery, her vet recommended we give her a cooked egg white every day while she recuperated. This established a new ritual in our household. From then on, any time we made eggs, we always made certain that Bailey was served her egg white before we sat down to eat our eggs.

“We were very fortunate that she traveled so well in the car since we took her on so many vacations and made several cross-country moves with her.”


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