Coconut Donna’s Success Story

Coconut Donna’s Success Story

Coincidentally, her family had already decided to name their next female Coconut one week before adopting, yes, a golden called Coconut. 

After spending a quiet and sad five months without any dogs in their house, Coconut’s parents awaited her arrival with baited breath. And she didn’t disappoint. She made her grand entrance by falling into their hot tub while exploring the lanai, and in doing so, added just the right touch of spice to their empty lives. 

Endlessly sassy and eternally silly, Coconut LIVES to swim in the pool. Blithely ignoring the fact that there are steps, she dives into the water like a pro and races her parents to the finish line. Obsessed with what her mom calls her “babies,” Coconut loves toys and balls and valiantly attempts – and fails — to stuff them into her mouth at once. Content, though, to carry a single stuffed animal in her mouth or tucked under her chin, she has her own basket where she chooses toys for her daily “puppy baby party,” and even carries one of them outside to assist her in going potty. Adamantly averse to tall grass, she decided it’s better to potty on the pavers of the lanai than venture into the spacious backyard and let the grass tickle her belly!

As cuddly and caring as she is cheerful and charming, Coconut is happiest when curled up cozily in someone’s lap on the couch. Known to gently tap one of her parents’ faces or hands should they forget to keep petting her, she loves lying upside down, giving them a jagged toothed smile when she’s her most content.

While she recently had a large gland tumor removed, she’s not only recovering well, but in typical Coconut fashion, was back in the pool the day after her stitches came out.


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