Garnet Aubrey’s Success Story

Garnet Aubrey’s Success Story

Garnet Aubrey’s new family was quite happy to welcome her into their family.  She quickly became attached to her mom and followed her everywhere.  “If we ever want to know where mom is, we just have to look for Gar-Gar as she is now known.” Mom became her security blanket in her new, unfamiliar world.

No stranger to dogs, Jack and Diane wondered about the energy level of this 5 year old golden blend; she seemed more like a younger dog.  While at the vet’s for a check up, they asked him how old he thought she was.  His estimate was 18-24 months.  “AHA!  That certainly explains her energy level.”

Gar-Gar loves her daily walks and will not be ignored at walk time.  Don’t mention the word “walk” or she will be ready to go.  She plans her route around the neighborhood and her family just follows her.  She has her plan and is sticking to it. The back yard provides entertainment for Gar-Gar as she chases the squirrels and hunts for lizards.   She also enjoys chasing the grandchildren around the yard, but one day she wasn’t able to stop in time and ended up in the pool. She made it to the steps but was definitely not happy.  Now she keeps her distance from the edge of the pool.

Her collection of toys keeps everyone entertained.  She knows them all by name.  She prefers the ones that squeak, especially her bear that makes two different sounds. “If she wants to play, she picks up one of the toys and pushes it against our leg while squeezing it to make it talk.”  She enjoys playing tug, keep away or just being chased.  If a tennis ball is thrown into the game, she becomes ”possessed” says her family.

When Gar-Gar first came to her family, her coat was dry, and there wasn’t much hair on her ears or tail.  Now she has a soft, thick coat and a golden tail that she waves like a flag.  She loves being told what a beautiful girl she is.  She was also a little skittish around dad at the beginning, but she has decided it’s more than ok for him to live in her house.  “She loves climbing onto the couch in the evening with her family.  She lies with her paws crossed, head up and eyes half shut, a picture of pure contentment.”  Life doesn’t get much better for this pup unless mom decides to give her a full body rub.  What more could a dog ask for?

Gar-Gar’s family feel honored to have been rescued by this sweetie.  So much so that Mom now has a license plate that reads, “My favorite breed of dog is RESCUED.”


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