Lady Johanna’s Success Story

Lady Johanna’s Success Story

To say that Lindsey and Matthew were juggling multiple plates when they chose to adopt 3-month-old Lady Johanna, now known as Saydee, is an understatement. Being five months into the pandemic, balancing working from home, a senior dog and a toddler, they were admittedly nervous on adoption day. But when the foster mom’s car pulled into their driveway and they saw her, it was love at first sight! The Golden puppy ran into Lindsey’s arms as soon as she got out of the car, and when Lindsey held her tightly, she knew that Saydee was well and truly their dog.

Considered their second child, so similar to their own toddler (Lindsey and Matthew refer to them as the twins), Saydee is extremely playful, delights in bringing them their socks (she’s obsessed with socks), loves her toys, is adorably mischievous, and “cures all” with a good cuddle.

The ideal addition to a family with a young child and a senior dog, Saydee is patience itself. Not only is she patient with the adults, she’s always patient and gentle with her human sister, never snapping if she’s “slow” to give her cookies, and never growling even when she’s a bit rough. Saydee also sees herself as a lap dog, walking up to her parents and plopping into their laps as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. Then there’s her loyalty. Happiest being where her family is, her family is happiest being where she is. Whether it’s sitting outside by the swing set, going for a walk or a drive, watching a movie or playing with the baby. She LOVES with her whole self, staying by her family’s side from the moment they wake up until she falls asleep at the foot of their bed at night.

Last August, the family drove from Florida to Rhode Island to introduce Saydee to “her” extended family. Famously fond of car rides, she found the 20-hour drive stretched over three days to be the most exciting adventure ever. She loved watching the sights pass by through the window, exploring the parks where they stopped to rest and making herself at home at every Airbnb they stayed in. When they finally arrived, she was greeted with open arms and lots of treats, making it a trip the family will always remember.

Sometimes forgetting that she’s a dog, not a child, silly Saydee often confuses her own, bright squeaky toys with her human sister’s brightly colored toys that also squeak. Then, one day, when her family assembled an outdoor play tent with crawl tubes and a ball pit for their daughter, no sooner had they opened the door than Saydee ran outside, jumped into the tent and started crawling through the tubes. Within seconds, she wasn’t only lost in them but entangled in the tent itself! She swiftly mastered its “intricacies” however, and while the tent was never a big hit with their daughter, it was with Saydee.

As for accomplishments? Highly intelligent and easy to teach, Saydee responded well to home training, including her basic commands, and graduated in a matter of weeks.

Editor Note:  Have you checked out Saydee in the 2022 GRRMF calendar??


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