Legacy Dog – Autumn’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Autumn’s Success Story

From 2005

No sooner had Peanut’s front paws crossed the threshold of her adoptive home in 2005 than her doting dad Jeff changed the one-year-old Golden’s name to Autumn.


“Autumn loved everyone and everything,” he recalls. “Her gentle nature and sweet disposition made her a natural as an Assisted Animal Therapy dog, and she adored visiting the residents in the assisted living facility near us.


“She even ‘adopted’ a stray kitten and made us adopt him too! She also taught our second dog Hudson the rules of the house.


“She loved to swim and could play fetch all day as long as it was in the pool and not on dry land. Oddly enough, once she was on dry land she had no interest in chasing the ball and much preferred chasing or running after Hudson or her best friend Samantha while they chased the ball. Highly intelligent, eager to please and easy to teach, it was a rare occasion when she didn’t learn something new the very first time.


“We will always be grateful to GRRMF for matching us with Autumn. She was a sheer delight and an utter joy the entire time she was with us and she will always hold a unique and special place in our hearts.”


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