Tess Jayne’s Success Story

Tess Jayne’s Success Story

Tess Jayne now known as Penny, came to GRRMF from a shelter.  This didn’t stop Eric and Margot from adopting this bundle of joy.  It appeared that Penny had a fear of men, but quickly warmed up to Eric and she has been his “Velcro” buddy ever since.

Penny has unconditional love, endless ability to cuddle and a smile that is always on her face.  She is always the happiest dog and wants to be with us no matter what we are doing or where we go, says Eric.  And we go everywhere; ice cream shops, breweries, dog parks, anywhere a dog can go, Penny goes!  This has helped her grow in confidence and has reduced her fear of men.

When Penny first arrived, she shared the home with 1 cat, since then another cat and dog have been added.  “We adopted a second cat, Luna, who is Penny’s best friend.  Luna adores Penny all the time and sometimes Penny doesn’t even know how to react.” says Eric.   Finally, this past February, they adopted Sadie from GRRMF.  Penny and Sadie were instant friends and have never had any issues with each other.

Penny has learned to be patient with Sadie because of Sadie’s medical issues. Penny will bring Sadie her toys to play and they will playfully wrestle every night with each other. Sadie has also been very helpful to Penny in showing her that men are not bad guys and Penny has improved greatly in public settings.

Overall, Penny has done exceptionally well and has grown to be a true part of the family. We all love happy endings and it appears 2 GRRMF girls are enjoying their forever home!


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