Leo Jasper’s Success Story

Leo Jasper’s Success Story

This lucky guy got to join a household with not just one golden brother, but 3!  It was a seamless transition when Leo became the newest member of the gang.  Leo joined the GRRMF family when his original owners welcomed a new baby and the time that they had for Leo kept dwindling.  We knew that we would find the perfect fit for this boy and that is exactly what happened.

Mom said, “she knew he was the perfect dog for their family when he walked through the front door with a smile on his face – he is the happiest golden we have ever seen.”  There isn’t much that Leo doesn’t like to do but of course he has some favorites.  Everyday Leo loves to run laps in the backyard chasing birds and squirrels.  Leo enjoys jumping and playing and can amazingly jump several feet in the air! He loves to try and entice his brothers to play with him even when they would rather rest.

At times, Leo can be a bit mischievous, one never knows what he will steal.  Mom has several pictures as “evidence” of some of the items that he has taken – a ruler, a flashlight, socks, remote controls and other random pieces of clothing.  Leo thinks he is a sneaky one and attempts to hide the items in his secret hideout.  Mom and dad soon realized that Leo had a sweet tooth after he decided to help himself to a bite of the homemade birthday cake that mom baked!!  Such a little thief!  Leo tends to hoard all his toys as well, seeing how many he can fit into his mouth.  Tough Nyla bones are a perfect fit for this heavy chewer.  Even though Leo enjoys playing with his brothers, he is not the biggest fan of sharing! Leo always keeps his family on their toes and they are never sure what he will be up to next!

Mom and Dad had to buy a bigger vehicle since all 4 dogs enjoy going on car rides.  Leo absolutely loves going to the groomer and having a day of pampering.  He will stand and let you brush him for as long as you need to without causing a fuss.  Like most goldens, Leo is quite the snuggler.  He loves the attention and some good cuddle time with anyone who is interested.  Every night, he and his brothers sleep cuddled up in the bed!!! Sounds like the golden crew may sleep better than Mom and Dad.

Lucky Leo is a true definition of a golden retriever puppy – full of life with lots of love to give!  Mom states that “Leo has been an absolute blessing to us…he brings us so much joy and happiness.”  Not only is his new family looking forward to all the good times that the future holds for this lucky boy, but so are we!  One of the boys in the family was in his training phase in the US Army and he kept a picture of Leo in his locker because “it made him smile!”  It is heartwarming to know how much one special dog can touch someone’s life.



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