Jack Marsh’s Success Story

Jack Marsh’s Success Story

Fitting in with what his mom calls their wild and crazy crew, Jack added his own charming wackiness to their home!

On adoption day, his parents were both excited and nervous, wondering if their puppy Lucy was ready to share the spotlight with a new dog. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Lucy and Jack to become the best of friends and they’re now inseparable. 

Jack, who’s always smiling, is the definition of joy, always making his family happy. Passionate about their pool, he could easily spend all day swimming in it. He’s also passionate about his parents’ children, ages three, six and eight, and loves playing tag with them in the backyard. 

His obsession with tennis balls, however, is something of a problem since Lucy’s not keen on sharing them. Not only is it a challenge, it’s a constant battle for poor Jack as he tries to take his turn with a ball. Although there are 27 tennis balls around, they both – naturally — always want the same one!

A few months after his adoption, the family moved from Tampa to Pensacola. Although it was an 8-hour journey by car, everyone, including Jack and Lucy, did well, and Jack, in particular, was overjoyed when they arrived at their new home and he saw his HUGE backyard. 

Supremely smart, Jack knows all of his basic commands and has always possessed superior recall (this is why his name wasn’t changed). Not to mention the ease with which he makes his family laugh. Case in point: whenever he’s extremely excited, he rolls over on his back and does this “little dance” where he giddily kicks his feet around. They refer to it as “happy feet.”

Their bestest boy whom they love so much, Jack’s only behavioral issue is his focus on food. Starved, suffering from heartworm disease, and weighing less than 50 pounds when he was first adopted, he often gets into the trash in search of some tasty leftovers.


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