Dozer’s Success Story

Dozer’s Success Story

A Golden Blessing creates a Family

“November 30, 2015 was a day that turned to gold in so many ways,” reports Rebecca.  “It was our first time meeting Dozer (Doozer at the time) and we instantly fell in love!  Despite having no supplies at home, Brad and I left with Dozer in tow and we can’t imagine our lives without him.”

Less than a month later, on December 21, Dozer helped his Dad pop the question by running to greet his Mom coming home from work and carrying a note under his Christmas collar.  The note Dozer carried read “Will you marry my Dad?” and the engagement ring was attached to his collar.  He made an already special moment even better,” recalls Rebecca.

Of course, when it came time for engagement pictures there was no question that Dozer would be a part of the fun. Adorned in adorable bow ties, Dozer and Mozart (one of the original GRRMF family rescues) had a blast taking pictures in downtown St. Pete.

“On March 24, 2017,  Dozer stole the show as one of the best men in our wedding! He enjoyed every minute of it – from walking down the aisle with his Grandma Patty, to being a part of the vows, to the after party reception in the hotel lobby.”

Over the past year and a half Dozer has won over the hearts of many.  He turns even the modest animal liker into a huge Dozer lover!  He loves to be with his Mom and Dad most and is happiest when the family is all together in the evenings and on weekends.  Dozer loves car rides and going to Grandma Patty’s House of Fun to play with other GRRMF rescues and swim in the pool!   “We can’t imagine our lives without Dozer and appreciate every day we get to snuggle with him.  He has made our family complete.”

July 25, 2018:  Dozer welcomes baby human brother Chase home!

We know Dozer will be a great golden brother!




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