Daisy Joleen’s Success Story

Daisy Joleen’s Success Story

Quirky and cuddly, sassy and sneaky, gorgeous Daisy, now known as Gracie, keeps her loving family endlessly entertained with her ever so endearing antics.

After sliding smoothly into a pack of two other dogs named Harper and Daisy (a lab adopted from GRRMF), Gracie soon revealed how little she knew about boundaries and manners. Catlike in the way she lay on the back of the couch, with no concept of personal space, she deftly climbed up, over or on top of everyone, especially if they had food. Luckily, Daisy and Harper were excellent role models, and with their parents and a trainer, they’ve nearly paw-fected Gracie’s social skills.

Always affectionate, always asking for attention, she loves being wherever her parents are, following them from room to room and then either sitting or lying on them like a 60-pound lap dog! Extremely energetic, athletic and agile, she loves hunting geckos and bugs in the yard, running and playing outside with Daisy and Harper, and chewing on bones, especially theirs. As soon as one of them looks away or leaves it, she takes it. Not to mention emptying all of the toys and bones out of the toybox and literally climbing the walls if she sees a reflection or something shiny!

She’s visited the mall, the Groves, Mount Dora and Tarpon Springs to get used to other dogs and new people, and because of her beauty, she attracts a great deal of attention. Now, when someone stops to pet her, she lies down and rolls over for a belly rub. Happiest sleeping in her parents’ bed at night (the three dogs are supposed to take turns), they know when it’s Gracie’s turn because she brings her bones to bed and often leaves them under their pillows.

Gracie, can, however, be slightly bossy towards Daisy and Harper. One night, awakened by Daisy’s barking, her mom looked up to see Gracie lying on the floor blocking the bedroom door and keeping Daisy from leaving the room. On another occasion, Daisy’s barking awakened her parents to alert them to the fact that Gracie wouldn’t let her up on the bed.

Good golly, Miss Gracie!



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