Dakota Jelly’s Success Story

Dakota Jelly’s Success Story

After being surrendered by a good Samaritan, it took Dakota about 2-3 weeks to completely settle into her new forever home, but now it’s like she has been there since she was a puppy.  Her family was excited to bring her home, and Dakota has bonded nicely with her human siblings, often curling up beside them to, of course, “help” them with their homework.

She loves belly rubs and will “talk” to someone until they do so. She also looks forward to her walks, but afternoon napping is perhaps the most serious part of Dakota’s day.  She will sleep with all four paws straight up in the air or she might prefer a soft pillow to rest her head.  Hanging out on her sister Madeline’s bed or looking out the front window to watch the world go by are other favorite pastimes at home. Hopping in the car might mean a local trip to the pet store or it could be an outing to the family farm in Virginia.

Dakota is an excellent passenger for either type of trip.  Dakota loves being in the middle of everything with her new family, and they would not trade her for the world.


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