Chloe Judie’s Success Story

Chloe Judie’s Success Story

On Adoption Day, Chloe’s new mom was nervous, excited and pleasantly surprised how quickly she bonded with her new family addition.  They became a family immediately, they do everything together, Chloe is always the happiest when she is with her mom.

Chloe is extremely healthy and fit now, she deserves recognition and the prize for “Biggest Loser.”  She was a hefty 130 pounds when she first came to GRRMF as a rescue, with help from her fosters and her mom, she is now sporting a beautiful figure at 75 pounds.

After Chloe settled in, she was quick to make a new house rule, it’s called the “open door policy”.  Mom reports that “she doesn’t like any doors in the house to be closed and opens them all whenever she sees them shut. She will walk in on anyone . . .she never knocks first”.  If you want privacy, you better lock the door!

As a proud parent, Laura says that Chloe is one smart cookie, she learns everything quickly and even has a few tricks up her sleeve.  One of her endearing moments is when it is potty time.  “She always grabs a stuffed toy to put in her mouth whenever she goes outside to potty. . .she talks with the toy in her mouth, it’s hilarious.”

Since Laura adopted Chloe she has learned how intelligent she is and all the things she can do. Mom reported that “One day we were outside and she grabbed the newspaper and dropped it at my feet, then ran inside to sit by the refrigerator to wait for a treat.” The funny thing was “ . . . I don’t get the paper, she grabbed by next door neighbor’s paper.”

Even with all the fun and love, there has been a hurdle to overcome.  Chloe recently had an issue with severe separation anxiety which caused some damage to the home and herself.  Laura couldn’t leave the house without taking Chloe with her.  After some specialized behavioral training, she has stopped getting so anxious when mom is leaving and she is completely crate trained.  “She has done so well with the behavior training and I’m so impressed with her . . . we are doing great!”

It’s clear that Chloe and her mom were meant to be together, they are family, now and forever.



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