Legacy Dogs – Marley & Rocket’s Success Story

Legacy Dogs – Marley & Rocket’s Success Story

From 1999:

Marley and Rocket came to GRRMF due to their owners divorce.  Being a young organization, GRRMF asked if the owner could possibly keep them for another 2 weeks as at that time GRRMF didn’t have the volunteer foster program it enjoys now.  The owner, sounding depressed, said he’d do his best.  The caring GRRMF person called this owner twice a week to give him an update, but the final call was answered by his mother, who said the gentleman had passed and Marley and Rocket were now “just in the backyard”.

GRRMF acting quickly, secured Marley and Rocket and took them to the Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital for their check up and foster care while a foster/adopter was being found.

As luck would have it, Marley and Rocket HAD landed at their adoptive parents!  The vet Dr. Ernie and Beth, had lost 3 of their dogs in the past year and their home was yearning for 2 new goldens!  Marley and Rocket were adopted and lived out their lives bonded to their wonderful new foster parents.



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