Jett Jasper’s Success Story

Jett Jasper’s Success Story

Look at the size of Jett!  He’s a big, strong and powerful dog but not one you would call agile.  However, his new forever family swears he jumps up and down like a pup when he sees his leash!   Jett’s mom says he is as sweet and loveable as he is large.  He’s brought nothing but joy into their lives and became part of the family almost instantaneously.

Jett’s not into chew toys or chasing squirrels; instead he loves his walks.  “When you get out the leash, he hops like a bunny with excitement and will twirl a couple times, then settle down to let you put the leash on to go outdoors.”  And while he’s on his walk, he’s also on patrol.   Jett is a natural protector and makes sure the neighborhood is safe.  If he sees an unfamiliar face, he keeps his beautiful, dark eyes focused on it until he feels it is not a threat.

Back at home, Jett is the family pussycat.  He wants to be with his parents all the time.  He’ll curl up around his dad’s feet while his dad is working in the home office or snuggle in his bed in the family room while his parents are watching TV.  Jett and his new parents have found unconditional love and devotion in each other.  Together they will have a lifetime of affection and adventure!


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