Legacy Dog – Aurora’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Aurora’s Success Story

Lovingly dubbed “Hell on Wheels” or “Wheels” for short by her adoring mom, Debbie, Aurora, much like the ancient mythological goddess of the dawn filled their home with her radiant Golden glow.

Adopted over Memorial Weekend in 2002, Aurora was 7 ½ years old, tall and regal and, quite literally, ruled her world with a gentle paw and a warm, wide smile.  “She was the best ball catcher ever,” recounts Debbie. “She NEVER missed in her prime. Even when her close vision began to fail, she still had me toss her a few, and she would proudly carry each ball back into the garage.

“Aurora preferred people to other dogs and was quite insistent that everyone pet her. She would look back over her shoulder at me to ensure that I saw how she was being loved on! A true December baby, her favorite holiday was Christmas. She slept next to the presents until the big day arrived and then sat patiently for the requisite photo shoot until it was time to open the gifts

“Once, when we attended a GRRMF reunion, we stayed at a hotel overnight whose pool was full of ducks. Needless to say, we didn’t use it! Aurora also worked education days at Petsmart Tyrone. Then, at the age of 14 she was diagnosed with a mega-esophagus. Thanks to the support of volunteer Char and my vet’s staff, I implemented a plan where I hand fed her canned food ‘meatballs’ three times a day while she was propped up on a wedge pillow I had made her. This kept her happy and healthy for another 2 1/2 years.

“Gradually, Aurora lost most of her vision, became arthritic, and dropped from 75 to 45 pounds. She was a brave heart and fought so hard, never losing her voracious appetite for LIFE. She would still try to go for short walks and would snort indignantly when her legs refused to go the way she wanted them to go. She soon spent the bulk of her time sleeping, and when she suffered a seizure, I knew that I had to say a hard goodbye to her.

“Although I’d originally been in line to adopt a 4-year-old Golden in Orlando, when Aurora became available closer to home, I hesitated because of her age. But adopting her was the best decision I ever made.

“We shared 9 1/2 precious years together – years I will treasure always.”


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