Titan Marsh’s Success Story

Titan Marsh’s Success Story

Love at first sight turned Titan from a foster dog into a forever dog! Passionate about his parents, he’s the ultimate people pet, never straying far from their sides and wherever they go, he goes too.

As empty nesters, having lived without another golden for five years, his family soon found themselves charged with the happy task of finding dog-friendly places to take him. Fridays (they’re certain he knows when it’s Friday), they lunch out together then visit a dog park, and while he loves other dogs, after greeting them and running around awhile, he returns to his parents for a walk without going too far. Not only does he love going for walks (he knows his walk schedule, doesn’t allow his parents to miss one, and is less excitable now on his leash when seeing strange dogs), he loves playing with squeaky toys, swimming, and chasing squirrels out of the backyard. 

As affectionate as he is active, Titan also loves to cuddle and always wants to be touching his parents. And although they never allowed any of their previous dogs on the furniture, he changed their minds. And so, every morning, he jumps on their bed and “noses” his mom over so that he can lie on the pillow beside her. Highly and happily intelligent, he tries to understand everything his parents tell him, cocking his head from side to side and convincing them he knows what’s being said. 

Always adventurous, he always vacations with his family, and has been to the beach in North Carolina and the mountains in Georgia. Despite his fascination with the animals, especially horses or animated characters, he sees on TV, when they were in Georgia, and assumed he would love seeing real horses, they were surprised that he showed no interest in them whatsoever!


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