Copper’s Success Story

Copper’s Success Story

Janet adopted Cooper Maxx (now Cody), after waiting six months on the approved adopter list. She had requested a quiet, older dog who would be able to take short walks with her husband. Unfortunately, her husband passed away a few weeks before she received a call about Cody. Janet wasn’t sure she was ready to care for another “old boy” but agreed to foster Cody through some medical issues.

Cody was worth the wait: he was immediately a great fit! As Janet said, she “found out I needed him more than he needed me.” Janet ended up adopting Cody a few months later, and Cody became her “owner”.

Cody loves his stuffed toys, however, always works hard to get the squeak out. Even when they are pulled apart, he will go to his toy basket and pull out the pathetic parts of toys and carry them around. His eviscerated chicken toy is his favorite. Cody is so gentle, never growls and always gets up and follows Janet wherever she moves around the house. Although his hearing is poor, he is always waiting for Janet by the front door when she gets home. Sometimes he’s even surprised when she walks in.

Cody loves to go on short walks. He has slowed down a bit in the past year, so does more sniffing than walking. He enjoys having other dogs visiting, especially his cousin ‘Beacon’ who lives in Boston. Cody and the cat have become friends – usually sleeping a few feet apart at night.

Of all the things Cody loves best, it is his dinner. Close behind that is lying on his back and kicking his legs in the air while holding his chicken toy in his mouth. He only got out of the yard once, when the yard man left one of the gates open. It took him about thirty seconds to get to the front door to bark and let Janet know he wanted to come in. That’s when she knew Cody felt he was home.


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