Legacy Story – Kallie’s Success Story

Legacy Story – Kallie’s Success Story

From 1997

An angel with a devilish streak, kiss-able Kallie was fond of gathering up her family’s dirty underwear and proudly bringing it to them.

A laughing Janette recalls, “Kallie was calm and caring, tolerant of everything and everybody, but imagine how awkward it was to be presented with our soiled laundry whenever we were entertaining guests!

“When Kallie was 11, we adopted two Springer spaniel puppies, and no sooner had they arrived than she took charge of their training, teaching them all they needed to know about proper pack manners. It was especially heartening to see how she ‘fence trained’ them so that they never attempted to leave the property without us. She also showed them how to retrieve any small animals they found on our land and bring them to us using a soft mouth.

“In the final year of Kallie’s life (she lived until she was 14), she was dutifully followed around by our female spaniel who faithfully imitated her many distinctive vocalizations whenever a doggy ‘comment’ was needed.”


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