Legacy Dog – Robert’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Robert’s Success Story

From 2007

While working as a kennel assistant at the veterinary office used by GRRMF for their surrendered Goldens, Melissa met and fell in love with Robert.


“When he first arrived, he was quiet and hardly moved around,” she recalls. “I swore that if he came back I’d adopt him. Sure enough, a few months later he came back, and I soon made him mine.


“I lived with my mom at the time, and not only did her two Labradors quickly take to him but he was the talk of the neighborhood because of his sweetness, with everyone giving him treats whenever they saw him.


“When we attended the GRRMF picnic in 2007, we dressed him up as a golfer (he won second place) and it was his first long car ride. The old bread factory that used to be in Orlando made him sit up front in the car! We think about this every time we take I-4. Robert LOVED his treats and would happily give you his paw if you held out your hand.


“I joined the military a year later and didn’t get to spend much time with him, but I thought about and still think about him every day. Whenever I’d see a Golden, I’d ask, “Do you know my son?”


“He was truly a special Golden, and I can’t wait to adopt another one.”


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