Penny Jelly’s Success Story

Penny Jelly’s Success Story

Do you remember me from last year when I was on the GRRMF website?

My owner and I both had tough health issues and I needed a new home.  I was dreaming of being a “Lucky Penny” and hoping that someone would want me!  I felt like one hot mess – I weighed 150 pounds with skin issues, tons of knots in my fur, I struggled to hold my bladder and I needed to have a mass removed.  I really was hoping for someone to care for me, but I worried that no one would want me because I was not in very good shape!

Well guess what?  I hit the Jackpot as the Luckiest Penny ever – well maybe me and my Mom since her name is Penny too!  I hit the lotto too with my Dad, who loved me from the moment I arrived.  You see they both agreed to foster me and then they adopted me for always just in time for Christmas!  How about that for fate?

But wait there is so much more good stuff I want to tell you!

When I first came, I learned that my family, including my foster sister Lili, was sad because they had recently lost “their” Molly who was very sick. I once heard my Mom say that their hearts were stuck in grief until I came along and added laughter, love, and much joy to their lives.

That now includes my adorable little sister Daisy (recently adopted GRRMF sister) whom I am trying to coach to be a good girl.

But I would be fibbing, if I didn’t tell you that I absolutely love encouraging Daisy to start digging holes.  (Check out my video at the bottom of the page!)  Then I can go get right behind her to see what treasures are being dug up and enjoy the thrill of having dirt thrown in my face, while she does all the work.

I can also be very helpful in the garden, because I love to assist my Dad when he plants flowers! Once though I went a little too far and he had to go buy two bags of topsoil to fill the “helpful” hole that I most graciously dug for him.  Whoops!

One of my tricks is to go to the refrigerator, wearing my huge smile and wagging my tail furiously, in the hopes that I will get a “green bean” snack. I’m a kisser and always greet everyone with sparkling eyes so that I get to snoop inside any bag that is brought inside for squeaky toys. Speaking of snooping, I do have a nickname of Snoopy as I am always looking into bags or hiding spots to see what I can dig up.  My favorite sports beside walks and tennis ball games, are swimming in my kiddie pool and digging! Speaking of which, dig this! They take me to the North Carolina mountains for summer and fall vacations, where I can dig and drag rocks from the creek’s edge.  One time I dragged a 7 pounder back to show them how talented I was in rock diving. Who knew?

So you might be wondering by this point, if I have lost any weight.  I used to do a lot of sitting because I was so very big that I couldn’t move as much as I wanted to – I knew I needed to slim down but I just didn’t know where to start – yet my family sure did!  Now, are you sitting down?  I now weigh 76 pounds!  Yup it’s true – love and exercise and the beanie diet have worked miracles for me.  My parents tell people that I lost the equivalent of another dog.  How about that – at last I am a “Slim Jimmette”!

They call me their heart’s delight, but I am so overjoyed to belong to my wonderful family, it is my heart that is brimming with love. So now, it’s time for me to pay it forward and do what I can to make others feel special.  I am proud to announce that I recently received my Project PUP therapy certification and joined GRRMF Hearts of Gold therapy team.  Mom and Dad believe my smiles and tail wags will touch lives in ways that only my heart of gold could achieve. I hope they know that the joy that I am filled with was given to me by their kindness and love.  I never could have done it without them and together we have a chance to help others.

My dream came true and now I certainly am the ‘Luckiest Penny Girl’ in the whole world.


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