Melanie Marilyn’s Success Story

Melanie Marilyn’s Success Story

Melanie Marilyn, now called Surrey (with the fringe on top), was a stray who was fostered by Eileen and John until she was cleared medically for adoption. Surrey had a large lipoma that was surgically removed, and besides a little saggy skin, the lipoma is now gone. Eileen and John were delighted to then adopt Surrey, who immediately bonded with her Cocker Spaniel brother; they love to play and chase each other around the house. Surrey’s canine brother is much older, but she helps to keep him young.

One of Surrey’s first challenges was to learn her new name, but Eileen reports she did so very quickly with the help of a few grilled chicken pieces. Luckily, Surrey already knew basic commands, so she has needed very little training. One day, however, Eileen hopes to begin therapy certification training for Surrey so that she might visit hospitals, schools, and nursing homes.

Surrey’s day begins with belly rubs when she rolls on her back and does a little dance on the carpet. If Eileen is spending too much time at her computer, a paw will gently tell her that someone needs attention. Surrey is a very sociable dog, so walks around the neighborhood are in order so that she may visit with friendly neighbors (both dogs and people). When company can stay overnight, Surrey appreciates all of the extra attention. Surrey’s favorite social outing, however, is heading to the airport to meet John when he returns home from business trips.

On cool Sunday mornings, Surrey can be found walking around Lake Eola and on hot Florida days, she prefers the beach. At home, all squeaky toys are in danger of being de-fluffed by Surrey, who takes joy in lining her toy box with the empty carcasses. In the back yard, Surrey skips across the wet grass to reach the garden, where she knows the geckos await. Because she hates to get her feet wet, though, Surrey lifts her paws up like a prancing horse would to avoid getting those precious paws wet.



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