Karma Andy’s Success Story

Karma Andy’s Success Story

Karma, the consummate golden clown, captured his parents’ hearts from day one.

A companion for their 12-year-old golden, Lucy, until her passing in December 2022, Karma has been VERY important in helping his parents deal with the enormity of their loss. Extraordinarily loving, he instinctively knows when they need a lift and snuggles them to console them. Always eager to play, he not only lifts their spirits, his high energy level is infectious, keeping them active as well.

He also loves greeting new people and other dogs, and especially enjoys when their neighbor brings their goldens over for a visit. And while he loves all of his toys, the one he loves most is his ball which his parents throw for him to retrieve in both the backyard and pool. Passionate about swimming laps in the pool, he must think of himself as a porpoise or a seal with fur! And from looking at him, one would never know that he has very bad hips because of how much he loves retrieving his ball. His parents keep the pool heated to 86 degrees year-round to enable him to get at least 1 to 1.5 hours of swim time daily. This low impact exercise is ideal for keeping his hip muscles strong and to hopefully avoid FHO surgery in the future.

Although Karma would love nothing more than to swim all day, he’s so well behaved that he never gets into the pool without permission. And yet …  One day, a neighbor came over to introduce their new puppy. Because Karma was so overly excited about seeing the puppy, his dad put him out on the lanai. When the neighbor left, his dad turned around, and there was Karma happily swimming laps in the pool. When his dad verbally scolded him, he got out of the pool, ran past him and into house SOAKING WET, and started running laps around the living room sofa!

It took an hour to mop up all of the water.


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