Mitzie Sallie’s Success Story

Mitzie Sallie’s Success Story

Mitzie aka Mitz has acquired many nicknames including Mudoo, Moo and Moodadee, since becoming the first dog of one deliriously happy family.

Not only has she made their home an even more welcoming place, she’s the definition of chill with an added dash of delightful charm. Always ready to greet a new guest, especially if it’s a woman or child, she’s a calming presence as well, taking numerous naps in cozy corners, observing them closely, seeking out eye contact in a tranquil manner, and cuddling with them. Despite a slight limp due to arthritis, she still bounds around like a puppy when she’s particularly excited.

Best friends with her 14-year-old human brother, she loves going for walks with him in the yard five times a day (they border on a large forested area filled with birds and squirrels), receiving her food and meds from him and being tenderly put to bed at night. Although she likes rolling around on the floor after her bath, making everyone smile, she had them worried when she once walked into the clear glass panel holding up their new glass dining room table. After that, she was more cautious around what, to her, must have appeared to be a maze of mirrors obscuring the magical place from which all of the meal crumbs fell!

But her most astonishing feat by far was when this most mellow of dogs sniffed out a squirrel hiding in the engine compartment of the family’s minivan. She went crazy sniffing around the hood, then sat straight up with her nose pointing to the squirrel’s location! After her family had rewarded her with ample treats and praise, she was so elated that, despite her arthritis, she scaled the stairs to the second floor when they returned to the house!


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