Velden Nat’s Success Story

Velden Nat’s Success Story

Velden Nat, now called Oliver, was adopted by Nancy when his original owner could no longer keep Oliver and his brothers.  His nicknames are “Ollie” and “Bali.” Nancy fell in love with Ollie the first time she met him, and she and her husband “love, love, love” him!

At first, Ollie got used to his new home by going back and forth between the living room and the bedroom retrieving toys and placing them in his bed. Since those early days, Ollie has fit in well with his family, which includes two other dogs,Ty and Scooby, and a cat named Ben. Ollie has helped Ty deal with anxiety issues, has been wonderful with the elderly Scooby, and even lets Ben groom his face. In fact, Ty and Ollie are inseparable. They watch squirrels together, and Ollie will bark when Ty does just to join in the fun.

Ollie is also a very loving boy. He sleeps next to Nancy with his head on the pillow and his arms around her. He is wonderful with children and guests. Nancy lovingly describes Ollie as a “gentle spirit” who is very patient and trusting. At the vet, he is a “dream patient.”  He also allows Nancy to groom him, trim his nails, clean his ears, medicate him, and give him plenty of kisses.

Even though Ollie and Ty are so close, Ollie will not follow Ty into the swimming pool. Nancy also has to be careful with stuffed toys around Ollie as he likes to eat them. He does love vegetables, fruits, and treat-filled Nylabones. Ollie’s biggest challenge is riding in the car.  Unfortunately, he gets carsick, but he is also afraid of the car. Nancy is working with him by introducing him to the car and then giving him a treat. Ty loves the car, so Nancy brings Ty along with Ollie to help Ollie overcome his fear.

Last year, Ollie had skin issues, which turned out to be Demodex mange. He is on Brevecto now and has not had any more problems. Ollie is working on his tendency to jump on people and his inability to respect personal space. He has learned a variety of commands such as “sit, stay, spin, high-five, shake, kiss, and down.” Lately, Ollie has started going out in the rain, looking up, and eating the raindrops. Playing in the mud and coming in the house with a muddy face are also on Ollie’s list of fun activities.


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