Cowboy’s Success Story

Cowboy’s Success Story

After meeting Cowboy for the first time at a dog park, his new family was concerned that he wouldn’t be happy with his new fur siblings, two other goldens.  He had jumped on the park bench and wanted nothing to do with them.  On the ride home, though, they all seemed to get along.  Janice was still nervous but she said, “He quickly fell for our pretty little Winnie and never left her side.”  Later he became friends with Goose, who is smaller but very rambunctious.  Cowboy is still Winnie’s protector when Goose gets a little rough with her.  “Cowboy butts in and takes Winnie under his protection.”  All three dogs have adjusted and found their place in this family. 

Cowboy has endeared himself to his family with his golden personality.  He loves to put his paws in their lap and lay his head on them, and he will stay as long as they want him there.  When he greets them, he wiggles his entire body while holding his toy in his mouth. “You can’t help but smile at his greeting.” Cowboy is well named – he tends to buck like a pony when he is being playful.

His favorite thing to do is go for a car ride.  He runs past everyone to get to the car first.  Of course, he can’t be in the back, he wants to be right up front where he can see what’s going on.  Cowboy is very lucky to have a mom who loves doing agility with the dogs. He has quickly learned the basic elements of the agility course such as the weave poles, teeter totter, dog walk and his favorite the table, “his happy place.”  He also enjoys boating with his family and going to the doggie beach at Fort DeSoto.  Another favorite event for Cowboy is attending his classes at Dog Training Club of St. Pete and Dogism, but his mom does wonder if he enjoys all of these activities or if it is the car ride to get there that he loves so much.

This special golden has earned his first AKC agility title “Act 1”.  He has completed basic obedience and earned his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification.  To top off his achievements he has passed his evaluation for Hearts of Gold therapy team and will be certified by Project PUP.  Cowboy is quite happy with the active life he now has, all the fun things they do, and his loving family and new fur siblings; his family also know they made the right choice in adding him to their life.


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