Haley Aprel’s Success Story

Haley Aprel’s Success Story

Haley came to GRRMF when her family could not afford her medical needs.  This happy little girl was to go into the GRRMF Sanctuary Program as she had been diagnosed with cancer.  But that didn’t stop Tori and Bob from adopting her.  They were chosen to be her Sanctuary family but as Tori says, “Haley came to us as a potential sanctuary dog, because she had cancer.  After a few visits to UF Animal hospital, Haley came back home with no tail.  The vets at UF did such an amazing job with her tail amputation.  And we think she is super cute without her tail.”

They knew from day 1 that Haley was to be part of the family because the two cats warmed up to her right away.  “Haley loves the female cat in particular and it’s great to see them playing together,” says Bob.

Haley has made her parents laugh from day one.  She chases lizards and will catch them, take them to the grass, drop them and roll on them.  What she fails to see is that the lizard has already escaped.   Every lizard is fair game, she walks the parameter of the yard looking for them, says Tori,  “Even those that run up the down-spouts or under the landscaping bricks.”  For a little dog, Haley can move large rocks, planters and remove a downspout in one fell swoop.  She is like the proverbial 2 year old, just can’t take your eye off them for one minute.

Like all dogs that come into their home, Haley’s parents wanted to teach her how to swim.  She took much longer than the others, because she can’t entice to go in after her toys (she’s not a toy girl).  So her swimming consists of a walk into the beach area, a swim to her parents of no more than 10 feet, then promptly turns around to go back to shore.

Food is Haley’s favorite sport and she amazes her family are that at 8pm on the dot, she will let them know it’s treat time!   Then after treat time, she will stare at mom, because she wants mom’s seat, so she can be next to her dad!

“We love having both Haley and Murphy (also adopted from GRRMF!) – they both complete our home,” says Tori and Bob in agreement.


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